Have you really mastered the operation points of the placement machine?

The placement machine is one of the key equipment of SMT equipment, because its efficient work efficiency and stable performance have brought great advantages to our production. With the placement machine, the production efficiency can be greatly improved. The chip machine can provide high-quality products to customers. For everyone to use it safely, it is necessary to explain the operation points of the chip machine.
First, we must understand the common signs of placement machines.

We all know that many machines and equipment have specific signs that we need to learn before they are used, and placement machines are no exception. Then, we need to fully understand the meaning and function of these signs at this time, so as to play a warning role. After fully understanding the placement machine, we can use the placement machine more safely.

Second, do a good job of booting inspection.

For example, it is very important to determine whether the air pressure of the patch is within the normal range; secondly, whether there are any debris inside the machine to prevent interference and malfunction; also, to ensure that the patch is installed in place, This is also very important, because it is the key to ensure long-term normal use.

Third, we must ensure the boot sequence.

When we use the placement machine, we must pay attention to whether a boot sequence is correct, which is closely related to the safety of employees and the use of the machine. A correct boot sequence is the guarantee for later operation and work. Therefore, we also need to pay special attention to the boot sequence.

Finally, we must actively troubleshoot problems.

The placement machine will inevitably cause certain consumption and damage to the machine after a long period of use. Therefore, troubleshooting is also an important task. In this way, we can actively investigate and find problems in time, so as to solve the problems quickly and effectively. This is our main purpose and main function of troubleshooting.

I hope to bring you high-efficiency and high-quality placement machine equipment, but also hope that everyone can operate and use the placement machine more safely



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