How to distinguish between high-speed placement machine and medium-speed placement machine?

As we all know, the placement machine is a key equipment in the smt production line, which is mainly used for the placement of electronic products. However, due to the different speed of the placement machine, it can be mainly divided into several types of placement machines such as ultra-high-speed placement machines, high-speed placement machines, medium-speed placement machines and low-speed placement machines. So do you know how to distinguish a medium-speed placement machine and a high-speed placement machine?
1. Mounting speed

The theoretical placement speed of the medium-speed placement machine is generally about 30,000 pieces/h (chip components); the theoretical placement speed of the high-speed placement machine is generally 30,000 to 60,000 pieces/h per hour.

2. Machine structure:

Most medium-speed placement machines adopt arch structure, relatively speaking, the structure is relatively simple, the placement accuracy is poor, the area is small, and the environmental requirements are low; the structure of high-speed placement machines is more commonly used. The tower structure also mostly adopts a composite structure, which can achieve high-speed placement while meeting the accuracy of micro chip component placement.

3. Mounted products:

Medium-speed placement machines can be used to mount large components, high-precision components and special-shaped components, as well as small chip components; high-speed placement machines are mainly used to mount small chip components and small integrated components.

4. Scope of application:

Medium-speed placement machines are widely used in some small and medium-sized electronic production and processing companies, R&D and design centers, and production companies with multiple varieties and small batches of product characteristics; high-speed placement machines are mainly used in large-scale electronics manufacturing companies and some professional original equipment manufacturing companies ( OEM) is widely used.

From the above introduction, we can see that medium-speed placement machines and high-speed placement machines can be distinguished mainly by placement speed, machine structure, placement products, and scope of





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