What is SMT?

Surface mount technology is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry.

Synonym: Surface Mount Technology; Surface Mount Technology

It is not necessary to insert holes into the printed board, and directly attach and solder the surface-assembled components to the specified position on the surface of the printed board.

Note:The circuit substrate used in the surface mounting technology is generally not limited to a printed board.

Feature editing

The assembly density is high, the size of the electronic product is small, and the weight is light. The volume and weight of the chip components are only about 1/10 of that of the conventional plug-in components. After the SMT is generally used, the volume of the electronic product is reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%. 80%.

High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability. The solder joint defect rate is low.

High frequency characteristics are good. Reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Easy to automate and increase productivity. Reduce costs by 30% to 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.



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